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Sr.No Location of CoE Brief of Research Investigator Email Year of establishment Approved duration Status
11 Central Institute of Plastic Engineering & Technology, Bhubaneswar Development of Medical Grade Filaments for 3D Printing Components in Healthcare Sectors, Development of Antibacterial Antiviral products. Dr. Smita Mohanty drsmitamohanty[at]gmail[dot]com 12/2020 3 years On-going
12 Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati Design and development of learning and entertainment toys for normal as well as developmentally disabled children. Petrochemical based polymers, biopolymers and synthetic composites will be used to fabricate the toys. In addition to the petrochemical based materials, the biopolymers and synthetic composites (bioplastic composite) based materials will be used to design and fabricate the toys. Dr. Shrikrishna N. Joshi snj[at]iitg[dot]ac[dot]in 02/2022 3 years On-going
13 Indian Rubber Manufacturers Research Association, (IRMRA), Thane Develop innovative rubber based toy products through exploration of safer materials and agro waste based materials. Dr. K. Rajkumar director[at]irmra[dot]org 02/2022 3 years On-going