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Sr.No Location of CoE Brief of Research Investigator Email Year of establishment Approved duration Status
1 National Chemical Laboratory, Pune Research and Scientific Services Program (RSSP) fundamental research on Reactor-Structure-Property Relationship (RSPR) (this includes reactor modeling, processing simulator and structure development) and Learning and Sharing Program Dr. Hasrhvardan Pol hv[dot]pol[at]ncl[dot]res[dot]in 03/2011 3 years Completed
2 Central Institute of Plastic Engineering & Technology, Chennai The Centre aimed at Design and engineering of lightweight and sustainable hybrid green composite auto parts alongwith development of dimensionally and thermally stable green composites. The CoE also performed studies on Fundamentals of rheology, inter phase, functional components and surface engineering and performance evaluation, life cycle analysis, recyclability and prototyping. Dr. S.N Yadav drsnyadav[at]rediffmail[dot]com 03/2011 3 years Completed
3 Central Institute of Plastic Engineering & Technology, Bhubaneswar R& D on Bio-resins from vegetable, plant oils (non-edible) Bio-based adhesives, coating materials with enhanced curing mechanism from renewable resources & Blends and composites from bio-resin, recycled plastics Dr. Smita Mohanty drsmitamohanty[at]gmail[dot]com 03/2013 3 years Completed
4 Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi Fabrication, characterization of polymer nano-composites and their performance assessment to enable new application development Synthesis and characterization of polymer based composites and other materials for EMI shielding applications Dr. Anup Ghosh anupkghosh[at]gmail[dot]com 03/2013 3 years Completed
5 Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati To develop cost-effective and scalable technologies for the production of biodegradable polymer based end products using both petrochemical and renewable bio-feedstock. Dr. Vimal Katiyar vkatiyar[at]iitg[dot]ernet[dot]in 03/2013 3 years Completed
6 Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee Development of engineering and catalytic aspects of direct synthesis of propylene carbonate (PC) from propylene and CO2. Dr. Vimal Chand Shrivastav vimalfch[at]iitr[dot]ac[dot]in 03/2018 3 years On-going
7 Central Institute of Plastic Engineering & Technology, Bhubaneswar Development of Eco-friendly biodegradable polymer films in packaging & agriculture Engineered green polymer membranes in healthcare and biomedical technology & Bio-derived materials in integrated energy harvesting and storage devices Dr. Smita Mohanty drsmitamohanty[at]gmail[dot]com 03/2019 3 years On-going
8 National Chemical Laboratory, Pune Capability to create palette of printing materials catering to variety of applications ranging from automotive to life science Dr. S.K. Asha sk[dot]asha[at]ncl[dot]res[dot]in 03/2019 3 years On-going
9 CSIR - North East Institute of Science & Technology (CSIR-NEIST) Development of polymers with controlled architecture and desired properties as flow improver for NE Indian waxy crude and Recycling of polymer waste viz. PET, PP, PE, PS, etc. to produce non-woven fabric and fibre for PPE and green applications. Dr. G. Narhari Shastry director[at]neist[dot]res[dot]in 12/2020 3 years On-going
10 CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad Development of polymeric & hybrid coatings suitable for decorative, protective and strategic applications. Dr. Ramanuj Narayan ramanuj[at]iict[dot]res[dot]in 12/2020 3 years On-going