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Who's Who

Name Designation Work Distribution Phone Number Fax
Shri Dharmendra Kumar Madan Director (Chem-II) National Chemical Policy, FTAs & Investments (Regional Cooperation), Anti-Dumping, Taxes, Duties, Trade related matters, Project Import ,Input-Output, Import, Export etc., Industry Associations Grievances etc., Chemical Clusters, Feedstock, Alternate feedstock etc., Chemical PSUs & related matters. 23385386 23382564
Shri Kanishk Kant Srivastava Director (Chem-I) All matter relating to Bhopal Gas Disaster Rehabilitation matters, PCPR welfare commissioner, CPDS and all promotional matters. India Chem & Departmental events, R&D. 011-23782266
Shri. Rajendra kumar Soni Director All matters related New Scheme of Petrochemicals, Plastic Parks, Centres of Excellence, National Awards, Plastic Waste Management, Conferences. Workshops in Petrochemical Sector , Standards for Plastic industry, IPFT, All technical matters related to Petrochemicals Division 23386047
Shri Sanjay Krishna Navhale Deputy Secretary(PC-IV) All matters related to PCPIR, CIPET, Petrochemical clusters, Skill Development. 23380592 23383453
Shri H Kam Suanthang Director (Admin.) All matters relating to Personnel & General Administration, Cash, Monthly D.O. letter to CabinetSecretary, Monthly Summary, Vigilance Matters. 23070712 23385263
Shri Prem Parkash Director All matters relating to IFD, Budget. 23382176 23073157
Vacant Director All matters relating to Economic Division, CPGRAMS, E-Samiksha and Advisory Forum 23386083
Shri Ram Sajeevan Joint Director Work related to S&M division 011-23317802