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Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology (CIPET) is a premier institution, fully devoted to manpower training and technical services to the plastics and allied industries. CIPET has been accredited with ISO 9001:2000 certification on "DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT AND CONDUCT OF SPECIALIZED TRAINING COURSES IN PLASTICS ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY AND RENDERING TECHNICAL/ CONSULTANCY SERVICES IN DESIGN, TOOLING, PLASTICS PROCESSING & TESTING TO THE PLASTICS & ALLIED INDUSTRY".

CIPET was first established in 1968 at Chennai under the Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Govt. of India with the assistance of UNDP. Over the years, the need and necessity of CIPET services was felt by various State Govts. and extension centres were established at Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Imphal, Lucknow, Mysore, Patna, Haldia and Guwahati. 

All CIPET centres have uniform infrastructure facilities in the areas of Design - CAD/CAM, Tooling, Plastics Processing, Testing & Quality Assurance under one roof.  CIPET conducts six long term courses leading to Diploma, Post Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma in various disciplines of Plastics Engineering & Technology. The infrastructure facilities in terms of machineries, equipments are continuously upgraded/modernised to match with the technology development and needs of the industry globally. CIPET is having ambitious plans of having its presence in South East Asian and Middle East Countries. Asian Institute for Development Studies, Manila (Phillipines), UNIDO - Nigeria have enrolled CIPET as consultant for providing technical and training services in Plastics Engineering & Technology.  Discussion with German Institutions and reputed Indian Institutions are in progress for mutual co-operation/collaboration.



  • To be an apex plastics Technology Institution of international eminence through its diverse and innovative academic & industry-linked technical credentials with invincible commitment, dedication, dynamism-congruent to technological advancements, dexterity and zeal towards attaining “PROSPERITY THROUGH PROWESS”.


  •  To create plastics technology professionals and entrepreneurs, contributing towards sustainable growth of plastics & allied ind

  •  To become a unique blend of University & Vocational Education system in the field of Plastics Engineering & Technology

  •  To attain “Institute of National Importance” Status

  •  To act as a catalyst in accelerating growth dynamics & escorting plastics sector to become World-Chieftain

  •  To undertake ingenious Research & Developmental activities and nurture innovations in the areas of Polymer Composites, Nanocomposites, Natural Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastics, Polymer Blends & Alloys, Biodegradable Plastics, Scientific Recycling of Plastics Waste

  •  To expand CIPET activities in SAARC, Middle-East, South-East Asian Countries to become globally acclaimed institution

  •  To pursue collaboration with National & International institutions for technology exchange programmes for mutual benefits

  •  To facilitate and actively participate in testing, standardisation, and formulation of quality standards for plastics materials and products and ensure global quality standards through establishing best manufacturing practices

  •  To contribute towards awareness on plastics & environmental issues and plastics waste management for value addition and to popularise “Waste to Wealth approach”.



 The major objectives of CIPET are:

  • Development of skilled manpower for plastic industries

  • Upgradation of technical knowledge through advanced training programmes

  • Quality control and standardisation of plastic materials and products

  • Technical consultancy and advisory services

  • Design and development of moulds, dies and plastic products

  • Application development in the area of plastics

The objectives of CIPET are well in line with the country’s plan for developing employment opportunities for youth, self-employment and entrepreneur development.

To keep the industries abreast with the new technological development and update the skill levels of the personnel working in the industry, short term programmes, tailor made programmes, modular training programmes, technical seminars are conducted on Design, Tooling, Plastics Processing, Plastics Testing and Quality Assurance.

 CIPET provides the following technical services:

  • Consultancy and advisory services to the plastics and allied industries

  • Application development and applied research for plastics

  • Testing and standardisation

  • Information and Documentation

  • Design and development of moulds and dies

  • Material selection for new product substitution

  • Machinery and equipment selection

  • Setting up of testing laboratories

  • Setting up of tool room/processing industries

  • Introduction to modern technology in plastics processing

  • Technical Support to the industry in product design/mould design, product failure analysis with the help of CAD/CAM/CAE.


Milestones in the growth of CIPET

 Since inception, CIPET has been providing dedicated service to the plastics industries in India and has established its credibility by meeting all the objectives and predetermined goals.

 CIPET’s achievements with regard to long-term courses, short-term courses & technical services are summarised as follows: -

 Long-term courses:

 Over the years, with the significant growth of Petrochemical Sector in India, CIPET has played a consequential role supplementing the growth of downstream plastics industries by providing trained Manpower for the Plastics Industries through Long-term courses in the field of Plastics Engineering & Technology. CIPET has trained around 32,000 trainees till date in different disciplines of Plastics Engineering & Technology i.e. Mould Manufacturing, Design, Plastics Processing, Testing & Quality Control and Machine Maintenance. With the consistent growth of Plastics Industry and manpower requirement, CIPET has increased its intake considerably and introduced new courses at Centres during the last decade which is evident from the figure - 747 trainees in 1991-92 as compared to 3698 in 2006-2007. CIPET Alumnus are very well placed in Supervisory & Managerial positions in Plastics industry and working in different technical departments. CIPET courses have created employment opportunities for Science Graduates, Engineering Graduates, Diploma Holders who after pursuing specialised courses of CIPET get absorbed in plastic industries at different positions. CIPET has attained ISO 9001 certification by BVQI for all its training and technical service.

 An estimate suggests that around 45% of CIPET qualified graduates are working as Supervisors, 35% as Managers, 10% as Technicians and around 10% of CIPET trained candidates have successfully started their own industries.

 CIPET trainees are very well recognised by the industry for Placement at different levels in India as well as in other neighbouring countries such as, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and in recent years, demand for CIPET trained candidates in Europe, North America and Australia is also increasing.

 In short, it can be concluded that CIPET has not only met the manpower requirement of Plastics Industry, but also, provided career options to the aspirants.

 Short-term courses:

 The Personnel/Executives from Plastics Industries are trained by CIPET on all technological aspects i.e. Tooling, Design & CAD, Plastics Processing, Testing & Quality evaluation of Materials & products by organising short-duration training courses, modular/tailor-made courses with duration varying from 2 days to 4 weeks. These programmes are well designed for the upgradation of technical know-how & skill of the participating personnel.

 The number of participants in short-term courses at all CIPET centres has increased from 1123 participants (89 courses) in 1993 - 1994 to 5065 participants (587 courses) in 2006-2007. Till date, CIPET has trained around 32,555 technical personnel, engineers & executives from the plastics industry in all disciplines of Plastics Engineering & Technology.

 CIPET Extension Centres have conducted Industry Interaction Meets in the respective regions from time to time and participated in the Seminars/ Workshops/   Exhibitions organised by different State & National Industry associations such as Plastindia Foundation, All India Plastics Manufacturers Association (AIPMA), Gujarat State Plastics Manufacturers Association (GSPMA), Karnataka State Plastics Manufactures Association (KSPMA), Andhra Pradesh Plastics Manufacturers Association (APPMA), Tamilnadu Plastics Manufacturers Association (TAPMA),  Indian Plast Pack Forum, Indian Plastics Federation (IPF) etc. CIPET centres are having active interaction and contacts with the industry for their requirements of trained manpower as well as technical support in all disciplines of Plastics Engineering & Technology.

 dot.jpg (3117 bytes) Technical Services

 With an excellent integration and utilisation of facility in Tooling, CAD & Design, Plastics Processing, Testing & Quality assurance, CIPET is competent to meet the customer requirements in providing qualitative technical services. CIPET has already implemented ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System (QMS) for all its technical services and has been awarded ISO certification by BVQI, UK in January 2002 and subsequently recertified upto 12th July ‘2009.

 CIPET has undertaken various types of job works/consultancy assignments related to Mould/Product Design and Fabrication, CAD/CAM, Processing, Testing & Quality Control Services. CIPET Testing Laboratories at all centres are fully devoted for offering best services to the plastic industries by undertaking assignments of plastic material testing, product testing as per National and International Standards.

 All Plastic testing departments of CIPET are fully equipped with latest modern sophisticated equipments to carryout all the required test of Plastic materials and products. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has also recognised CIPET as the National Lab for evaluation and certification of plastic products produced in the country.   CIPET continuously interacts with Bureau of Indian Standards and the technical officers of CIPET have been nominated in various sectional committees for drafting and actively participating in the formulation of various national/ international standards. Plastics Testing Centre (PTC) at CIPET, is one of the few prominent testing laboratories available in the country which is well equipped with all modern plastics testing facilities.

 The PTCs have been providing very useful services to the plastics and allied industries by testing of raw materials and finished products like pipes, containers, squatting pans, films, etc.  The testing services also include identification and characterisation, composition of materials, grade selection, property evaluation, formulation and supplementing standards, etc. The centres are closely associated with Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for establishing standards and to issue certificates for various plastic materials and products.   The institute has been recognised as an agency for testing of pipes and other materials supplied for Water and Drainage Department of Many State Govts. The PTC has constant interaction with International Standards Organisation (ISO) for formulating various standards.

 The following Government, Semi-Government departments have recognized CIPET for availing testing and quality assurance service for plastis materials & products.

1.   Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for Quality Control of Plastics Materials / Products

2.    Department of Family Welfare, Government of India for testing of Copper-T and Condoms.

3.    Department of Customs & Excise for grade analysis, quality checks of imported Plastics materials / products

4.    Food corporation of India (FCI) for testing of Film, Tarupaulins, Woven sack , laminated sheets, etc.

5.    RDSO, Ministry of Railways, Government of India for different Plastics an Composite products used in Railways.

6.    Telecom Engineering Centre (TEC), Department of Telecommunication, Government of India, BSNL for testing of Plastics based telecom products like duct, components of OFC, etc.

7.   Agro Industries Development Corporations of State Governments & Department of Horticulture, Government of India for testing & quality assurance of Agricultural implements based on Plastics materials.

8.  Gujarat Water Supply Sewerage board (GWSSB), Ahmedabad for inspection of Plastics products

9.   State Governments and their agencies for testing / pre delivery inspection agency for Plastics products

10.   Gas Authority of India Ltd. (GAIL) for testing and quality assurance of polymeric materials

11.   Oil India Ltd. (OIL) for third party inspection of Plastics based components procured by OIL.

12.   International standard Organisation (ISO) for conducting international Round Robin Tests as a part of development of standards pertaining to Plastics.

 Plastics Testing Centre at CIPET Chennai, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Hajipur, Haldia, Lucknow, Guwahati and Mysore have been accredited by NATIONAL ACCREDITATION BOARD FOR TESTING & CALIBRATION LABORATORIES (NABL).

Details on some of the past projects accomplished by CIPET & Consultancy Experience:

CIPET provides technical consultancy and advisory services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by providing all facilities which are available at CIPET under one roof such as optimisation of process parameters to achieve quality production, testing and standardisation for the plastic products, mould trials, CAE analysis, tooling facilities, etc. CIPET undertakes consultancy work on setting up of plastics based industry from “concept to commissioning stage”. CIPET has carried out technical feasibility study/techno-commercial viability of various projects forwarded by financial and industrial development institutions. 

CIPET services are well received by the industries in India and neighbouring countries. CIPET has provided technical services successfully to the plastics and allied industries in India and neighbouring countries.  The following are few of the industries who have utilised CIPET services in the recent past.

1. Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd. Consultancy on Quality Control & Testing of Plastics Materials for different applications and grades.
2. Indian Petrochemicals Corpn.Ltd (IPCL) Testing of raw material, finished products and material evaluation for application development
3. Reliance Industries Ltd.
4. National Organic Chemicals Industries Ltd. (NOCIL)
5. Ford India Ltd. Testing of products and material
6. Royal En Field Ltd. Design and development of mould
7. Brakes India Ltd. Application/material development
8. Hindustan Teleprinters Ltd. Moulding services for manufacturing ABS components
9. Optel Telecommunication Ltd., Design and development of moulds and Moulding services for manufacturing injection  moulding components
10. Indian Space Research Organisation  (ISRO) Design & development of tooling
11. National Mineral Water Company (SAOG), Oman Review of Project Report on Stretch Blow Moulding for Mineral Water Bottling
12. Tamilnadu Industrial Investment Corporation (TIIC)  Technical   feasibility   appraisal   on setting up of a mould manufacturing unit
13. Reem Batteries Co., Oman Consultancy on setting up of injection moulding unit
14. Ener Plastics, U.A.E.   Training & Consultancy on plastics processing & testing
15. Sintex Industries Ltd. Consultancy on polyethylene material
16. National Small Industries Corporation Ltd.   Consultancy on machine selection and inspection
17. G M Pens International Ltd. Computer aided analysis of Pen  barrel
18. Lucas TVS Ltd. Product design and CAE analysis of automotive components
19. Indian Telephone Industries (ITI) Ltd. Consultancy on ABS telephone housing and line cord
20. Sri Lanka - German Private Sector Project (PSP) Technical consultancy on plastic industries
21. M/s. Jain Irrigation System Ltd., Jalgaon Technology Evaluation of Polycarbonate Sheet Extrusion Plant.
22. Optical Fibre Research Centre, University of Sydney (Australia) Technical know-how/training on “Plastics - Processing & Testing”
23. Advanced Business Consultants (ABC), Muscat, (Oman) Joint Consultancy Assignment on “Plastics Sector Study in Oman”.


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Technology Developed by CIPET

CIPET has been involved in development and fabrication of Testing equipment for Plastics materials & Products. A few of the Equipment fabricated by CIPET and supplied to the industry in India and Abroad are given below :

  •      Melt Flow Index Tester (Microprocessor Controlled)

  •      ESCR Apparatus

  •      HDT/VSP Apparatus (Microprocessor Controlled)

  •      IZOD/CHARPY Impact Tester

  •      Carbon Black Content Apparatus

  •      Carbon Black Dispersion Tester

  •      Falling Dart Impact Tester for Plastics Pipes

  •      Tear Tester for Plastics Films

  •      Burst Strength Tester for Plastics Films

  •      High Temperature Bath

  •      Manual Notch Cutter

  •      Motorised Notch Cutter

  •      All electric two roll mill

  •      Automatic Compression Press

In addition to Plastics Testing Equipment Development, CIPET testing centres have developed test procedures for carrying out quality tests on different types of plastics products such as moulded chairs/furnitures, squatting pan, plastics parts of washing machine, air-coolers, domestic mixers, etc.  The test procedure for determination of ash content in PVC developed by CIPET is under consideration by ISO for due formalisation.  The fixtures, methodology developed by CIPET for testing of Copper-T  (Female contraceptive)  have been approved by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India. 

Current R&D projects and details of research activities:

Since inception, CIPET has been involved in Research & Developmental Work (R&D) of industrial relevance. In the fast changing technology scenario, CIPET is concentrating on R&D activities in the following major areas. 

a)                  Development of Blends & Alloys

b)                   Development of product concepts and application ideas through testing and characterisation;

c)                   Development and evaluation of materials and products for newer applications;

d)                  Development of innovative applications in the field of electronics and telecommunications, transport, engineering, housing and packaging, agriculture and water management;

e)                  Plastics Recycling & Waste Management Technologies;

f)                    Plastics Composite Technology.

g)                   Development of bio-degradable Polymers

Some of the ongoing R&D projects undertaken by CIPET are mentioned below:


Project Proposal Sponsoring Agency


Establishment & Impact of Biodegradable Plastics on Environment /food

CPCB, New Delhi   


Application development of appropriate material/blend for producing polybags for Bitumen packaging

CRRI, New Delhi


To design & develop product/ mould of test prototypes of Rotomoulds House-hold sewage treatment Device (HSD) as per design concept.

RRLC, Thiruvananthapuram


Development of Various non-destructive testing methods for Characterisation of Aluminium Jute Hybrid composites for Automobile applications

CFSL, MHA New Delhi 


The project envisages to develop non-destructive method of characterisation of polymer nanocomposites

CFSL, MHA New Delhi


The project envisages developing and characterising polyolefin based nano-composites and studying the commercial viability of the developed composites.

CSIR, New Delhi 


Evaluate the Mechanical, Dynamic mechanical, Thermal, Rheological, Morphological and flammability characteristics various engineering thermoplastic based Nanocomposites 

DST (SERC), New Delhi


Project aims at life cycle analysis of composite structures for Defence applications 

ARDE, Pune


To develop reinforced protective sheets with fire retardant, UV stabilized and infrared reflecting properties that can resist contamination by Chemicals 

DMSRDE, Kanpur


Development of Biodegradable Plastics Films using Polyolefins and Photo-degradable additives for various packaging Applications 

DST, New Delhi


Development of mechanically and thermally stable Bamboo fibre based thermoplastics composites, product development and evaluation. 

NMBA, DST, New Delhi


Development & Evaluation of Developed Bio-degradable film as per International Standards  

M/s. Chandra Impex, Bangalore (Industry Sponsored)


Preparation of various composites films and evaluation of their mechanical, thermal and ageing characteristics. 

DRDE, Gwalior


Evaluate the effect of nano material on photodegradation of LDPE/PP blend 

DRDE, Gwalior


To Study the properties and performance of Nanocomposites with Nanofillers. 

DMSRDE, Kanpur


To Develop different types of thermoplastics and thermosetting based Nanocomposites for High performance applications

AICTE, New Delhi


The project envisages development of plastics parts for direct action hand pumps in coastal regions & evaluates the life cycle of the parts with critical analysis of maintenance cost.

CSIR, New Delhi


Evaluate the suitability of jute & sisal fibres as reinforcement in PP & HDPE matrix and study the effect of interface modification on Mechanical, Dynamic mechanical, rheological, thermal, morphology and weathering performance

CSIR, New Delhi


Develop products consisting of Septum Polarizer cover plate, circular wave guide and circular to square transition parts for Geographical and Environmental Data receiving and transmission

M/s.Electronics Corporation of India Ltd. (Industry sponsored)


Processing, Rheological behaviour of high performance materials such as PEEK, PES, etc. filled with nano-fillers.

DMSRDE, Kanpur


Optimisation of Materials and Properties for the development of shoulder pad, front and firing grips using Nylon-6 used in Defence applications 

ARDE, Pune


Development of Contour Plastic Welding System for Disposable Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) Suit.

DMSRDE, Kanpur

Plastic Industry: Future Scenario & CIPET’s Role:

The plastic industry is poised for significant changes with sustained growth rate in all its facets in future. The current growth trend indicates that the three important sub-sectors of the industry namely processing, polymer production and machinery manufacturing will undergo significant changes with regard to structure of the industry, technological innovation, mergers and consolidation of the existing small units.  Processing units with large scale manufacturing facilities probably in excess of 2500 tonnes per annum are expected to grow steadily in the years to come.

The leading Indian raw material manufacturers like Indian Petrochemical Corporation Limited (IPCL), Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL), Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) & Haldia Petrochemicals Limited (HPL) have world scale plants to supply polymers in the country. An estimated investment of about Rs.50, 000 crores in this sector have matured by the year 2000-2001. The capacity has grown by manifold from just 1.0 million tonnes per annum in 1990-1991 to over 4.8 million tonnes in 2006-2007.


It is estimated that by 2006-07, the number of units in operation in plastic processing sector would be around 22000 and the industry is expected to grow at the rate of about 12%-14% in terms of polymer consumption.  It is expected that a number of changes will take place in the processing sector, scales of operation, product line and process.  In view of globalisation of the trade, it will be imperative for units to be internationally competitive and therefore mergers, amalgamation and consolidation and would take place. It is expected that eventually by 2006-07 around 10,000-12,000 medium scale/large scale units would be able to operate successfully with expansion and diversification programmes. The small units below capacity of an average 600 tonnes per annum would find it difficult in operating plants economically and profitably. The growth in polymer consumption would be more emanating from existing units by way of expansion and diversification and less in terms of new units added to the industry in terms of green-field investment.

 The optimistic projections suggest that the total demand of commodity, engineering and high performance polymers/plastics will go up from the current consumption of around 4 million tonnes to 12.5 million tonnes by year 2010.

 The development and growth of plastics processing industry is dependent upon the availability of skilled and technically trained manpower. With a rapid development in the field of plastics processing using modern machines, there has been an increased demand of manpower for designing, tool making, plastics processing and quality assurance (Total Quality Management – TQM) to meet the diverse requirement of industries. It is estimated that with the increase of consumption of plastics material, additional 8 persons may be required for increase of 100 Tons per annum. Hence, the manpower demand will also increase as the polymer/plastics material consumption increases in the coming years. Since, CIPET is the only institute of its kind in South-Asia having state-of-art facilities and excellent infrastructure in the field of Plastics Engineering & Technology, necessity of CIPET services in terms of development of trained manpower for the plastics industry and technical support in different technology areas will be more relevant and  synonymous with the future growth of the plastics and allied industries.  CIPET’s services would be more congruous for the plastics and allied industry in the years to come in terms of specialised training, trained manpower support, technology support, quality and productivity improvement, developmental activities related to newer technologies etc. 

Training Programmes

 Long-term training courses:

CIPET offers following long-term training courses in various disciplines of Plastics Engineering & Technology.  



Title of the Courses / Duration

Entry Qualification

Max. Age limit

1 M.Tech. in Plastics Engineering / Technology (M.Tech - PE / PT) - 2 years B.E. /B.Tech. /B.Sc., Engg. In M.Tech./Chem./Prodn./Polymer/Tool Engg. or M.Sc. in Polymer Scince/Chemistry with polymer specialisation/font>

35 yrs.*

2 Post Graduate Diploma in Plastics Engineering (PGD-PE) - 1 year B.E. / B.Tech / B.Sc. Engg. (4 Yrs) in Mech / Chem/ Prodn. / Polymer /Tool Engg. /Electrical & Electronics, Instrumentation, Petrochemical, Electrical, Mechatronics, AMIE in any of above disciplines or equivalent.

26 yrs.*

3 Post Graduate Diploma in CAD / CAM for Plastics Engineering (PGD-Cad PE) - 1 year B.E. /B.Tech. /B.Sc. Engineering (4 Yrs.) in Mechanical, Chemical, Production, Polymer and Tool Engineering. 26 yrs.* 
Post Graduate Diploma in Plastics Processing & Testing (PGD-PPT) - 1 years A 3 yr. A-3 year degree in Science with Chemistry as one of the subjects

24 yrs.*   

Post Diploma in Machine Maintenance (PD-MM) - 1 year A 3 year Diploma in Mech / Electrical & Electronics Engg. / Mechatronics / Instrumentation Engg. / Tool & Die making / CIPET-DPMT or equivalent

24 yrs. *  

Post Diploma in CAD / CAM for Plastics Mould Design (PD Cad PMD) - 1 year A 3 year Diploma in Mech / Plastics / Chemical Technology, Tool/Production Engg. / Mechatronics / Automobile Engg. / Tool & Die Making / CIPET-DPMT or equivalent

24 yrs. *

Diploma in Plastics Mould Technology / Post Diploma in Plastics Mould Technology (4 year Integrated Dual Diploma) - 3 year / 4 years X Std. With Maths, Science and English

18 yrs. *

Diploma in Plastics Technology / Post Diploma in Plastics Technology (4 year Integrated Dual Diploma) - 3 years / 4 years X Std. With Maths, Science and English

18 yrs.* 

* Age limit is relaxable upto 5 years for applicants sponsored by industries, SC/ST category and applicants from North Eastern Region.

CIPET courses are very well accepted by plastics and allied industries in India and abroad. CIPET qualified graduates are offered employment in supervisory/ managerial positions in different technical departments of plastics conversion / processing / tooling / raw material manufacturing industries not only in India but also in South-East Asia, Middle-East and North American countries.

Admission Procedure

Application forms for admission to CIPET courses are issued from 1st May to 2nd week of June every year.  CIPET admissions are based on merit of the qualifying examination marks and CIPET’s Joint Entrance Examination(JEE) marks.  The JEE is conducted on 2nd Sunday of July and the courses commence on 3rd week of August every year.


CIPET, Chennai CAD/CAM/CAE centre was established under the World Bank project in the year 1989 & is conducting various training programmes using softwares like Unigraphics, Pro Engineer, Catia, Ideas, Ansys, Hypermesh & mouldflow. Later CAD/CAM/CAE centres were stablished at Mumbai and Hyderabad in the year 2004 to cater the growing demand in the respective regions.

CIPET CAD/CAM/CAE centre provides training using Pro-Engineer / Unigraphics/ CATIA / IDEAS /Ansys / mouldflow / Hypermesh and caters the manpower requirements for the CAD/CAM & Plastics Industry. The various courses being offered at CIPET are basically designed to meet the requirements of manufacturing and its allied industries. The Engineers who undergo the CAD/CAM/CAE training in CATIA / Pro-Engineer / Unigraphics / Ansys / mouldflow / Hypermesh are exposed to the Live projects/ CNC machine Programming, etc, in addition to the software training. Since CIPET has been provided with the state of art machineries, trainees have got exposed to the modern equipments to meet the real requirements of the industries. These trainees were accepted by various segments of industries like Manufacturing, Automotive, Consumer durables etc. To cater the different parts of Indian Plastics Industries, CIPET centers were updated with latest hardware and CAD/CAM/CAE softwares.


CBT Programmes

CIPET has introduced new concept of interactive learning and training through Computer Based Software Training (CBT) programmes are to enhance the technical knowledge and skill of the Supervisor, Manager & Entrepreneurs working in the Plastics processing industry.

CBT Programmes are offered to Faculty & Students of Technical Institutions in the country imparting Plastics Technology Courses.




Injection Moulding Techniques Level - I


Injection Moulding Techniques Level - II


Hot Runner Moulding Solutions


Trouble Shooting in Injection Moulding


Plastic Materialsr


Extrusion Technology with Special Emphasis On Sheet Extrusion


Compounding of Plastics using Twin Screw Extrusion


Extrusion Blow Moulding


Programming for CNC Milling


Programming for CNC Turning


Advanced CNC Programming

Course Commencement: Every Monday Prior Registration/Confirmation is essential

Modular / Tailor made training Programmes

Modular training Programmes and Tailor made courses in specific disciplines of mould design, CAD, Tooling, Processing and testing of Plastics are organized for the benefit of industrially sponsored personnel and entrepreneurs matching to their requirements in terms of contents and duration.

Some of the Tailor made / Modular Training programmes organized by CIPET in last few years are:

  • Training programme on “Processing & Testing” for M/s. Optical Fibre Technology Centre, Australia.
  • “Plastics product Design & Injection moulds” for M/s. Satyam Computer Services Ltd., Hyderabad.
  • “Aspects for improvement in Production & Quality of Plastics products” for M/s. Garware Industries Ltd., Aurangabad.
  • “Injection Mould Design & Processing” for M/s. Hindustan Lever Research Centre, Bangalore.
  • “Processing , Testing & Quality Control of HDPE and RPVC pipes & overhead tanks” for Directorate General of Supplies & Disposals & Department of Science & Technology
  • “Quality System Management & Internal Audit for Laboratories” for executives from Various Testing & Quality Control Laboratories from all over India.
  • “Testing of raw material and components of I. V. sets” for M/s. United Nations Industrial Development Organization, New Delhi.
  • “Plastics Material & Processing “ for M/s. GE India Business Centre, Hyderabad.
  • “CAD/CAM/CAE & CNC Manufacture “ was conducted for the Srilankan Delegates.
  • “Plastics Materials & Processing “ for M/s. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, New Delhi.
  • “Plastics Material Applications & Processing” for M/s. Bajaj Auto Ltd., Pune.

Entrepreneurship Development Programmes

Entrepreneurship Development Programmes are organized with the objective of developing Entrepreneurs in the Plastics segment by providing them knowledge and skill elements besides entrepreneurship characteristics. The entrepreneurs are also provided with adequate technical guidance through follow up for setting up of Plastics based industry.

Aspirants of setting up of Plastics based industries are enrolled in the programme based on their qualification. Inputs are provided through classroom deliveries and on the job practicals to develop them as entrepreneurs and, thus enabling to generate self employment among the unemployed youth.

The Women Entrepreneurship Development programme is an intensive training activity designed to enhance women's potential to start and run small enterprises and business successfully.

In such programme, the participants learn how to :

  • Identify and select business opportunities and related resources;
  • Build their business skills, knowledge, and attitudes;
  • Develop entrepreneurial and behavioural competencies.

Some of the major Entrepreneur Development Programmes organised by CIPET are:

Technology based EDP on “CAD/CAM Technology in Plastics” sponsored by Department of Science & Technology, Govt. Of India, New Delhi.

EDP on “Plastics Technology” sponsored by Commissionerate of Industries, Andhra Pradesh.

EDP has been organised for unemployed youth of North Eastern states sponsored by the Department of Development of North eastern Region (DONER), Govt. of India.

Special EDP on “Setting up of Tiny Plastics Packaging Industry & Recycling of Plastics” for SC/ST women sponsored by Department of Science & Technology, Govt. Of India.

EDP on “Plastics mould Design & Tooling for Plastics Techniques” sponsored by Department of Science & Technology, Govt. Of India, New Delhi.

EDP on “Plastics Manufacturing Techniques” was sponsored by Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India.

EDP on “Processing & Testing” sponsored by Commissionerate of Industries & Commerce, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.


CIPET renders technical and Consultancy services to Plastics and allied industries in different fields of Plastics Technology.

  • Application development and applied research in all disciplines of Plastics Engineering & Technology

  • Testing and standardisation for Plastics materials and products

  • Setting up of Plastics based industry from concept to commercialisation stage

  • Design and development of moulds and dies

  • Material selection for new product development

  • Machinery and equipment selection

  • Setting up of tool room/ processing industries

  • New trends in Plastics processing technology

  • Technical Support to the industry in product design/ mould design, product failure analysis with the help of CAD/CAM/CAE

  • Training Programme on measurement uncertainty in testing laboratory

  • Consultancy Services on implementation of Quality Management Systems (QMS)

  • Setting up of laboratory as per ISO/IEC-17025 & NABL Criteria


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The Director,
CIPET Corporate Office,
T.V.K. Industrial Estate,
CHENNAI - 600 032

     +91 - 44 - 22254787         

E.mail : cipethq@vsnl.com  

Website : www.cipetindia.com         

Addresses of CIPET Centres

Addresses of CIPET Centres

Deputy Director CIPET, Guindy

Chennai - 600 032.

Tel: +91-044-22254701 (6 Lines)

Fax: +91-044-22254707

Email: cipetchn@eth.net

Deputy Director, CIPET Plot No.630, Phase IV GIDC, Vatva

Ahmedabad - 382 445.

E-mail: cipetadl@sancharnet.in

Tel: +91-079-25830569, 25835219

Chief Manager (Project) CIPET P.O. Rayon & Silk Mills Adjacent to GND University

Amritsar - 143 104.

Tel: +91-0183-2256602, 2258938,

Fax: +91-183-2258671

E-mail: cipet-asr@sancharnet.in

Chief Manager (Project) CIPET Sector "G" Govindpura Indl. Estate

Bhopal - 462 023.

Tel: +91-0755-2687454, 2688288 Fax: +91-0755-2689041

E-mail: cipet@mp.nic.in

Deputy Director CIPET B-25, CNI Complex PO: Patia,

Bhubaneswar - 751 031.

Tel: +91-0674-2743462, 2743767

Fax: +91-0674-2743863

E-Mail : cipet_bbsr@sify.com

Deputy Director CIPET Post Bag No.3, CIDA, Phase II, HCL Post, Cherlapally

Hyderabad - 500 051.

Tel: +91-040-27263750, 27264043, 27263615

Fax: +91-040-27264051

Email: cipethyd@satyam.net.in

Deputy Director CIPET B-27, Amausi Indl. Area

Lucknow - 226 008.

E-mail: cipetlko@satyam.net.in

Tel: +91-0522-2437645-6,

Fax: +91-0522-2436227

Deputy Director CIPET 437/A, Hebbal Indl. Area

Mysore - 570 016.

Email: cipetmys@sancharnet.in

Tel: +91-0821-2510618, 2510349

Fax: +91-0821-2510990

Chief Manager (Project) CIPET P.O.Changsari

Kamrup - 781 01.

Tel:+91-0361-2680622, 273515


E.mail: cipet_ghy@rediffmail.com

Chief Manager (Project) CIPET EPIP Complex, Hajipur Industrial Area

Hajipur - 844 101

Tel:+91-06224-277424, 273515


E-mail: cipetpat@sancharnet.in

Deputy Director CIPET City Centre, PO: Debhog Dist. Purba Medinipur

Haldia - 721 657.

E-Mail : cipethaldia@dataone.in (or) cipeth@sancharnet.in

Tel: +91-03224-255404,255444,255533

Fax: +91-03224-253016

Manager (Project) CIPET H 1045 - 48, Near SEZ-11 Sitapura Industrial Area Phase - III, Tonk Road

Jaipur - 302 022.

E.mail: cipet_jaipur@yahoo.co.in Tel: +91-0141-3239784

Fax: +91-0141-2770736

Manager (Project) CIPET C-12, Industrial Estate, Takyalpet

Imphal - 795 001.

E-Mail : cipetim@sancharnet.in

Tel: +91-0385-2449158

Fax: +91-0385-2452870

Chief Manager (Project) CIPET G.T.Road, Sewah Gaon

Panipat - 132 103

E.mail: cipetpanipat@yahoo.co.in

Tel: +91-0180-3297993

Fax: +91-0180-2565097

Chief Manager (Project) CIPET Plot No.1-B/1, (Meltron Building) MIDC Industrial Area, Chikalthana Jalna Road

Aurangabad - 431 210

E.mail: cipet_abd@rediffmail.com

Tel: +91-0240-3206636

Fax: +91-02402476626